per audacia ad astra


"And I said
to my spirit,
'When we become the
enfolders of those orbs,
and the pleasure
and knowledge of
everything in them,
shall we be fill’d
and satisfied then?'
And my spirit said,
'No, we but level
that lift to pass
and continue beyond.'"
-- Walt Whitman

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My biggest turn-on is strength.

Not so much physical strength as initiative and confident and just capability. 

Be capable. 

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Leave your apartment looking terrible. Walk to the deli and see your usual deli guy’s eyes start to widen at your disheveled appearance. This would’ve horrified you yesterday but today it makes you smile. You’ve decided that everything that made you worry will now make you smile.

Walk with better posture. Order two helpings of dessert. Ask someone to take you to a doctor’s appointment and refuse to feel guilty about it. You would do the same for them so why should you feel like you’re putting anyone out? Stand by your opinion that The Shins are a good band even when you’re friends give you hell over it. This is thrilling. Openly loving The Shins has never felt so liberating.

Tell your father he’s a jerk because he is. Tell your mother that you love her because you do. Don’t tell anyone that you love them if it’s not true, if they don’t deserve it. It’s a privilege to be loved by you. Your emotional slutty days are effectively over.

How To Stop Caring So Much  

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It is threatening to get the sensation that your body is something people feel free to comment upon, because people don’t stop with comments.

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The fact of the matter is that a comment like ‘nice ass’ feels crude and unpleasant and threatening, because extended from ‘nice ass’ is something slimy and threatening and gross, something sinister. Something claiming that ass as public property. It’s hard to articulate how this feels to someone who doesn’t get it on a visceral level — someone who hasn’t, say, walked down a dark alley in San Francisco on a quick shortcut, only to hear a low, rough voice saying something about your breasts, or your body, or your ass, or some other part of you. That voice isn’t complimentary. It’s asserting ownership, reminding you that you are vulnerable, reminding you that as someone with a body like yours, you are considered to be an object belonging to the public commons.

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Ian McEwan, Enduring Love

Ian McEwan, Enduring Love

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4/7/14  11:00 pm , no way out 


4/7/14  11:00 pm , no way out 

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